Anatomy and Physiology – 10 Units
Prerequisite: Biology/Chemistry recommended, at discretion of the instructor
This course is designed for students who are interested in entering the fields of nursing, medicine or biology. Class work involves topics such as biochemistry, cytology, histology, and anatomy and physiology. Laboratory work includes the study of cells and tissues, physiology exploration, and dissections. There is a lab fee for this course.

Biology – 10 Units
This course can be broken down into two components: microbiology and zoology. Students will explore microbiology in a comprehensive unit on cell structure, function, homeostasis, and cell division. Studies will continue with a detailed understanding of DNA, basic genetics, human genetics, and biotechnology. The course concludes with a survey of the animal kingdom, incorporating aspects of all other units. Weekly labs reinforce concepts presented in class. There is a lab fee for this course.

Chemistry – 10 Units
Prerequisite: minimum of C in Algebra I. Algebra II is recommended or taken concurrently, at discretion of the instructor.
This course includes an in-depth study of quantum theory of atomic structure, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, and solution chemistry. Lab techniques, mathematical calculations, analysis of data, and discussion of results are emphasized during laboratory work. A scientific calculator is required.

Physics – 10 Units
Prerequisite: C or better in Algebra II and Chemistry
This course examines the concepts of general physics through the use of mathematical models and practical everyday examples. Emphasis is placed on the problem-solving processes of science and mathematics. Lab experience is included.

Survey of Science – 10 Units
Survey of Science topics are astronomy, geology, ecology, environmental science, hydrology, chemistry, and physics.