Religion I – 10 Units
This course is a study of the Bible as divine literature. It covers creation, the origin of sin, and family relationships, in conjunction with the complete book of Genesis. It is also a study of the life of Jesus Christ leading up to His crucifixion, as well as how to develop a personal relationship with Him as seen through the book of Matthew and the writings of Ellen White.

Religion II – 10 Units
This course is designed to help students understand God’s plan of redemption as revealed through His people throughout history. During the first semester, emphasis is placed on studying the Old and New Covenants within the context of the Sanctuary. During the second semester study is given to early church history and the early advent movement, including the life and work of Ellen White

Religion III – 10 Units
This course is an intensive study of both the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. In both sections emphasis is given to the relevancy of Scripture for Christians today.

Religion IV – 10 Units
This course consists of two areas of study – moral issues and marriage and family. The unit on moral issues involves the analysis of contemporary hot topics with which adolescents are faced. Emphasis is given to forming a moral framework that has the principles of Scripture as its foundation. The unit on marriage and family presents a study of Biblical principles pertaining to relationships and their application to dating, marriage, and family life in today’s culture.