A placement test will be given for all students desiring to enter Algebra I. Students who do not pass the placement test will be enrolled in Individualized Algebra.

Calculators prohibited for use on the ACT are not allowed in Highland Academy math courses. For a list of prohibited calculators, see http://www.actstudent.org/faq/calculator.html.

Algebra A and B – 20 Units
This course is Algebra I taught over a two-year period for students whose placement test score did not indicate readiness for Algebra I.

Algebra I – 10 Units
This course is designed to promote the foundation necessary for further studies in math and science. It stresses both the structure of algebra and the development of computational skills.

Algebra II – 10 Units
Prerequisite: C or better in Algebra I and passing score on placement test.
This course is a more extensive study of algebraic relations and functions, including linear, quadratic, trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions. Also included are complex numbers, matrices, and conic sections. A graphing calculator is recommended.

Calculus – 10 Units
Prerequisite: C- or higher in Pre-calculus, or permission of instructor.
This is an advanced course meant for the advanced mathematics student. Calculus incorporates knowledge gained in all previous mathematics courses in the study of limits, differentiation, integration, their applications and more. A graphing calculator is required.

Geometry – 10 Units
This is a course in plane geometry, logic, and proof in which students develop the tools to effectively reason using deductive and inductive methods.

Individualized Algebra – 10 Units
This course reviews foundational algebra skills and prepares the student for success in Algebra I. This class will not satisfy the requirements for the Advanced Diploma.

Pre-Calculus – 10 Units
Prerequisite: C or better in Algebra II, passing score on placement test, or instructor’s consent.

This course is an advanced math class about elementary functions and relations designed to prepare students for college-level calculus. This is intended for students interested in mathematics, engineering, science, medicine, and related fields. A graphing calculator is required.

Senior Math – 10 Units
This course is a survey of math that covers a wide variety of topics. It also includes preparation for the ACT and SAT.