Adventure Education – Varies
A trip-based class in which students exercise and learn while doing outdoor activities. Trips may include such things as spelunking, backpacking, canoeing, and mountain biking. Credit is based on length of trip.

Gymnastics – 10 Units
Tour Group
This class emphasizes acrosports, cheerleading, stunts, and basic ground tumbling. Skill will be developed for performance on public relations trips. Team members are selected by tryouts. Elective credit is available for up to four years, however, only one year of PE credit is granted. This class counts for credit for a maximum of one year, and is not eligible for freshmen credit.

Health – 5 Units
This course is designed to develop knowledge, understanding, attitudes, and desirable practices related to personal and community health.

Personal Fitness (G.R.E.A.T. Club) – 5 Units
This is a course in independent PE stressing consistent personal exercise.

Physical Education I – 5 Units
This is a required course for freshman. The program consists of rules, fundamental skills, participation of team sports, and promotion of physical fitness.

Physical Education II – 5 Units
This is a co-educational class offering training in personal fitness, mountain biking, and disc-golf.

Physical Education III – 5 Units
This is a co-educational class offering training in golf, badminton, and weight training.