English Language Learners Program Overview

Highland Academy’s English Language Learners (ELL) program is designed to help serious students of non-English speaking backgrounds become proficient in understanding and speaking English.

Highland Academy is owned and operated by the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, which is a Christian body. The school’s philosophy, curriculum and practices are centered on Christian concepts and principles found in the Bible.

International students attend the school voluntarily and are subject to the regulations of the school and its standard of conduct. All international students, whether in ELL or regular classes, are expected to honor and respect the standards and practices of this Seventh-day Adventist school and are required to follow all regulations found in each section of the school handbook.

Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, using drugs, and gambling are not permitted regardless of age or curricular pursuit.

Definition of an International Student

International students are students who receive I-20 forms from Highland Academy and/or who take the English Language Learners program at Highland Academy (whether or not they are a visiting student or a resident alien).

International applicants to Highland Academy must be aged 14-17 years. Transfer or continuing students entering their senior year must be 18 years or younger. International Tuition Information

International Student/ELL Program Admission Process

  • Highland Academy processes international students through California Education Corporation. Please contact Gustavo Almodovar, Director, Planning and Market Development, at gustavo.cec.southeast@gmail.com to start the application process and for financial information.
  • When forms have been submitted through California Education Corporation to Highland Academy, the Highland Academy Admissions Committee will meet to review and approve the application.
  • After acceptance, Highland Academy will issue an I-20 for the student to obtain an F-1 student visa.


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