International Students

Highland Academy is owned and operated by the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, which is a Christian body. The school’s philosophy, curriculum and practices are centered on Christian concepts and principles found in the Bible.

International students attend the school voluntarily and are subject to the regulations of the school and its standard of conduct. All international students are expected to honor and respect the standards and practices of this Seventh-day Adventist school and are required to follow all regulations found in each section of the school handbook. International students are students who receive I-20 forms from Highland Academy. 

Due to the nature of our boarding academy program, Highland Academy does not offer year-round accommodations. During home leave periods, the campus is closed. Arrangements must be made for students to be off campus during these times. Please refer to our calendar for home leave dates and times. Transportation costs are the responsibility of the parent. 

International applicants to Highland Academy must be aged 14-17 years and must be English proficient. Transfer or continuing students entering their senior year must be 18 years or younger. International Tuition Information

For more information, please contact the school at 615-325-2036 or Eric Johnson at