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The purpose of the Highland Academy Gymnix team is to develop the physical talents and skills of our students and use them as a way to promote Christ and a Christian lifestyle. Our team goal each year is to produce outstanding and entertaining shows that spread a message to our surrounding communities emphasizing healthy living and avoidance of harmful drugs.


2020-2021 Gymnix Procedure

Gymnix Consent Form

2020-21 Tours & Shows

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2020-21 Team Roster

  • GUYS
  • Brandon Ogden
  • Brayden Burns
  • Bryson Beckworth
  • Cordell Bray
  • Elisha McKenzie
  • Ian Tidwell
  • James Smartt
  • Josh Sealey
  • Lincoln Shoemaker
  • Linus Kuntz
  • MacCade Pratt
  • Micah Louden – Guys’ Captain
  • Moses Lane
  • Pariis McGee
  • Sam Keener
  • Sam Schmidt
  • Tyler Hillebert
  • Victor Reynoso – Pastor
  • Alyssa Bagshaw
  • Amy Cortez – Team Captain
  • Bailey Darrell
  • Bre Hawk
  • Caitlin Cook – Team Pastor
  • Caroline Bridges
  • Hailey McMurtry
  • Hannah Louden
  • Lily Kuntz
  • Madison Schmidt
  • Magaly Bran
  • Megan Carney – Girls’ Captain
  • Rebecca O’Dell
  • Tian Carney
  • Support Staff
  • Houston Beckworth
  • Bry Cantrell

Gymnix sponsorship example

Become a Sponsor

Each year, Gymnix is privileged to be able to perform in the Nashville area and throughout the Southern Union.  These past performances have included yearly halftime shows at David Lipscomb University and Belmont University, as well as multiple performances for the surrounding middle schools and high schools.

In order to keep spreading these important messages, we are soliciting your help.  We need financial assistance to help defray some of the necessary expenses associated with our team and producing our shows. Equipment, uniforms, and travel are just a few of those costs. We are looking for people or businesses that would be willing to support by sponsoring our team.

For a donation of $100.00 or more, your name or the name of your company would be listed on the back of the team t-shirts as an official sponsor.  For $350.00 or more, a professional-looking 3’x5’ banner would be hung in the Raphan Ley Auditorium recognizing you or your company, as well as appearing on the back of the team t-shirts as an official sponsor.  Your sponsorship would last until the end of the following year’s fundraising drive. Low cost, great exposure!!!

If you can help, please fill out the form below and the information on back and return it to Highland Academy. All checks can be made out to the Highland Academy Gymnix. All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and receipts will be mailed upon payment. If you have any questions, you may contact me directly on my cell at (901) 246-3381 or by email at srogers@highland-academy.com. Thank you for your support.


Stephen Rogers  (Head Coach)

Please print this form, fill it out, and mail your banner information to the school:

Past Team Photos

12-13 Group



12-13 Group



12-13 Group



12-13 Group



12-13 Group



12-13 Group



12-13 Group



12-13 Group



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