Highland Academy is no longer accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year. Enrollment will open February 1 for the 2023-2024 school year.

1) Come visit us

You and your parents are invited to visit the campus at any time. If possible, we would appreciate knowing in advance, so that accommodations and meals will be ready for you. (Please call the Registrar’s Office at (615) 325-2036). While visiting you may wish to meet:

  • Principal (Chadd Watkins)
  • Registrar (Verne Sherman)
  • Deans (Boys’: Steve Rogers / Girls’: Sarah Hillebert)
  • Work Coordinator (Steve Rogers)
  • Teachers
If you would like more information sent to you from Highland Academy, complete this form online.


2) Apply for Admission (for New Applicants Only)

Please fill out the online application. There is a $35 application fee to process the application. You will also need to submit three references to be considered for acceptance. Reference Forms are available by clicking the recommendation form link. When you have been accepted, you will be notified with a letter of acceptance. At this point, you will need to enroll online as an accepted student (see step three below).

To begin the Online Application process, CREATE AN ACCOUNT. Then log into your account, and CREATE A NEW STUDENT APPLICATION for your child. You will then have the flexibility to log in and out of your account and access your open application, so be sure to remember your username and password.
Click the Recommendation Form link to fill out a recommendation. This link may also be copied and shared with your references.

3) Enrollment (for Returning and Accepted Students)

Enroll for the next school year using your Parentweb username and password. Once in Parentweb, select Family Information from the list on the left, and then select enrollment/reenrollment.

4) Registration

Once online enrollment is completed, the final step is registration on campus. Please refer to the online calendar for registration dates and times.

Before you may register for classes, however, there are a number of other forms and information required such as: a recent physical examination (within the past year for all new students and Juniors), a current immunization record, a current medical insurance card, and a copy of birth certificate. Please be sure to bring these when you come to register. A copy of social security card will be required for work assignments.