Mission Statement:

Our mission is to assist the students to use their talents for the glory of God by promoting intellectual and spiritual growth among our members.


  1. Develop a music department that is equipped and trained to teach our choir/orchestra members what they need to know in order to be a blessing to the school, the church and the community.
  2. Develop the musical skills and talents of our singers/orchestra members.
  3. Utilize the choir/orchestra as an outreach ministry.

2019-20 Performances

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Highland SDA Church

Hendersonville SDA Church

Springfield SDA Spanish Church

White House SDA Church

Highland SDA Church

Highland Academy


The orchestra trains young players of woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. We also promote private study with a teacher to develop well-rounded instrumentalists.  HA offers orchestras for grades 5-12 for over 40 students, including the concert band and chamber ensembles for every instrumental fam