Bigger and Better

In October, Highland Academy students were on a mission for Bigger and Better. The Bigger and Better game was the beginning of one of the many Highland Academy outreach days.

Students separated into groups and each group was given $1 to begin their assignment. Each student group with a faculty member went into residential neighborhoods, knocked on doors and asked each home if they would be willing to trade the $1 for something that was bigger and better. In turn, the item(s) or money collected would then be donated to help those in need in the greater Nashville area.

After each group played Bigger and Better, students took their items to a local mission store to help the needy. Then student groups went to downtown Nashville with $10 per group, and had a second assignment: find someone to help. Students went in search and soon found ways to help a variety of individuals. For example, some students bought a guitar string for a homeless man so he could play his guitar again while another group bought a sweater for homeless lady whose sweater had been stolen.

Chaplain Nolan Williams shared, “It opened the students’ eyes to others’ situations and their ability to meet the needs presented.” Junior Isabella DeWeez added, “I noticed when we were asking for donations for the needy, the larger homes gave less than the smaller homes. It reminded me of the widow in the Bible who gave all she had. It inspired me to give more.”

As a result, several residential neighborhoods were able to participate with Highland Academy students in helping meet the immediate needs of several homeless individuals, and a significant donation was made to a local mission store for those in need.