Written by Claire Ashcraft, HA freshman and mission participant

Recently, Highland Academy and Madison Academy joined together for the KY-TN Power Outreach mission trip to Manchester, Kentucky to do some work for Clay County (recently named the worst county in the USA to live in.)

On our first day in Manchester, we split into groups and went to our different work sights. We did everything from pulling weeds, spreading gravel, and to making wheel chair ramps. There were many cuts and bruises, but we made it! We changed the lives of four families. We may not be professionals, but we did what we could to witness for God and show others how very much He loves them. Over all the POWER (Prayer, Outreach, Witnessing, Excitement, Revival) event was lots of fun and I think we made good progress in making Clay County a better place.

Maddie Hallam, HA sophomore, shared, “Getting to experience different cultures and different places was the most satisfying aspect of this outreach.” Macy Hulin, HA freshman, said, “I joined this mission because I enjoy helping people and I feel like it is what God would want me to do.”

(Pictured: HA and MA students standing on a ramp built during the Appalachian Outreach.)