An Exploration of God’s Character

Sun, 8/28 (7:00 pm):  What was the original plan?             Kaleigh Benge

Mon, 8/29 (11:30 am):  What went wrong?             Elyse Knecht

Mon, 8/29 (5:30 pm):  What is sin?             Caleb Raymond

Tue, 8/30 (11:30 am):  Why do we suffer?             Callie Dickson

Tue, 8/30 (5:30 pm):  God meets us where we are, but doesn’t leave us there             Janae Shafer

Wed, 8/31 (11:30 am):  God’s Law of Love             Amy Cirigliano

Wed, 8/31 (5:30 pm):  What is justice? What is righteousness?             George Moyo

Thr, 9/1 (11:30 am):  Why did Jesus have to die?             Larry Ashcraft

Thr, 9/1 (5:30 pm):  How does Jesus’ death put us right with God?             Larry Ashcraft

Fri, 9/2 (11:30 am):  What happens to those who don’t want to be healed?             Natalie Hamilton

Fri, 9/2 (evening):  no meeting; Faculty Families

Sat, 9/3 (11:00 am):  What do God’s friends do?             Kaleigh Benge