We recommend that your student sit for the ACT at least twice before applying for colleges.

Plan to have these tests completed by the end of first semester of the their senior year. This is essential for college applications and financial aid. 

Why test at Highland Academy?
The number one reason is because we have applied for, and been granted, the ability to test on Sunday for religious reasons. Most testing sights will only offer the test on Saturday.

Highland offers the ACT once per school year due to schedule limitations, usually in December.

To Register:

  • Go to   ACTstudent.org
  • Click on “SIGN UP/LOGIN”
    • If your student has not tested before, account registration and set up will be required. KEEP THE ACCOUNT INFORMATION. These accounts are based off of the student’s social security number and other pertinent information. They will not allow a student to make more than one account.
  • Registration can take as long as an hour or more.
  • Don’t worry about signing up for the Saturday date given. When you put Highland as your testing center, this will be taken care of.
  • Highland School Code: 431892
  • ACT Test Center Code: 185101

Madison Academy, 20-30 minutes away from Highland, also offers Sunday testing and does have more frequent testing dates. If you would like your child to test more than once in this school year, please look at Madison as an option. However, if testing at Madison, please keep in mind, we are rarely able to offer transportation to these tests as they often interfere with our Highland calendar. 

Where When Registration Deadline Late Fee Required Photo Upload Deadline
Madison October 28 September 20, 2018 Sept. 23-Oct. 4, 2018 October 13
Highland December 9 November 8, 2018 Nov. 9-22, 2018 December 1
Highland February 10  January 10, 2019 January 11-17, 2019 February 1
Madison April 15  March 6, 2019 March 7-22, 2019 March 30