Highland Elementary School
Highland Elementary is operated on our campus and offers a quality Adventist program for  pre-kindergarten through 8th grades.  If you have a younger student looking for a great school, check out their website.

Highland Adventist Church
Our students are very involved with our campus church.  Students and church members alike enjoy interacting at various events throughout the school year.  Sabbath school is at 9:30a and the worship service begins at 10:45a.

Kentucky-Tennessee Conference of SDA
HA is owned and operated by the KY-TN Conference.  Their headquarters are in Goodlettsville, TN.

Adventist EDGE
The Southern Union Conference of SDAs’ education initiative is called Adventist EDGE.  For information on the exciting things happening in our union’s schools, visit their site.  The academic standards for our courses can be found by navigating here.

NAD Adventist Education
Visit the North American Division page for Adventist Education to learn not only the academic benefits of sending your child to an Adventist school, but how your child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual development will also be impacted.

Southern Adventist University
SAU is the Southern Union’s university, located about 3 hours from Highland, in Collegedale, TN.  SAU personnel provide valuable information to Juniors, Seniors, and parents on affording college at their annual financial presentation on our campus in October.

YouthSummit (Southern Union MagaBook, BigBook, and Bible Work Program)
Many students take advantage of this awesome witnessing opportunity to help pay their fees to attend Highland.  See the Financial Info page for more information on our matching program.