Course Description

Tuesday, August 6

HW: Sign up for a gmail account – if you don’t already have one. Complete survey, if you haven’t already.

Monday, August 5

HW: Sign up for a gmail account, if you do not have one already, then take the Syllabus + Handbook Survey

Tuesday, September 4

Headers/Footnotes – Joshua 4 reference document

Monday, September 3

Headers/Footnotes – No HW

Wednesday, August 29

practice http://typing at

Tuesday, August 28

Complete calendar project + practice http://typing at

Monday, August 27

Calendar Project

Friday, August 24

Complete color wheel table, Calendar Project assigned – due Tuesday at the end of period.

Thursday, August 23

Organize the colors of a color wheel into a table Due Friday

Wednesday, August 22

P. 100 – Inserting and formatting tables.

Tuesday, August 21

Continue working on Outline of Revelation due Wednesday

Monday, August 20

Lists and Outlines: Outline of Revelation due Wednesday

Friday, August 17

Make Lists; Books of the Bible

Thursday, August 16

Pages 85-86 Lists, Formatting

Wednesday, August 15

Pages 68-84 Assign: 1 Corinthians 13 document

Tuesday, August 14

Pages 28-38

Monday, August 13

quiz over file systems;
did 10-16

Friday, August 10

practiced typing speeds;
did a speed test, aiming for a score greater than or equal to 30 wpm with fewer than a couple of mistakes

Thursday, August 9

explored the Macintosh OS and Finder;
briefly explored a typing tutorial

Wednesday, August 8

reviewed how to use Windows Explorer to see local and network drives;
restarted into the Macintosh OS and briefly noted a few things

Tuesday, August 7

got everyone logged in;
discussed how to use Windows Explorer to see local and network drives

Monday, August 6

discussed nature of course, course expectations, and website