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Each year Highland Academy organizes a mission trip during spring break. No matter the destination, each trip provides opportunities to serve others through building projects, VBS and Week of Spiritual Emphasis programs, medical clinics and so much more! Our mission trips also provide a unique opportunity for our students to experience a different culture — opening their eyes to a world that desperately needs to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ!

“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.” Proverbs 96:3

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Kenya 2018 General Info

Exciting news—This next spring break, Highland Academy is returning to Kenya, Africa for another mission trip!

We will be partnering with Africa Mission Services (AMS) again. In 2016, we completed the first four classrooms for the new secondary school. Since that trip, four more classrooms have been completed and construction has begun on a home for the teachers. We really enjoy working with AMS because they make fantastic progress in their isolated community!

The specifics of our projects and ministry are still in the works, but will include a building project and possibly a VBS and/or medical clinics. Our aim and purpose is to serve the community’s needs and to introduce many to Jesus Christ. This will also be a unique opportunity for us to step outside my comfort zone, experience a different culture and build my skills in evangelism.

We have begun fundraising and working hard to earn funds to make this trip possible. It is no small price to make this trip possible — $2900 per person. So, if you are moved to give we would be so very grateful!

Click on the donation link to find out how you can help!


Necessary Documents

Students are encouraged to visit their Mission Trip Sponsors to pick on a complete mission trip packet that includes—Mission Trip Application, Mailing List Template, and AMS Information Packet. For your convenience we have also included these necessary documents below.

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Kenya 2018 Team

Highland Academy Students

    • Adam Romeo
    • Amber Fisher
    • Blake Burns
    • Brylee Burns
    • Camron Rockwell
    • Caleb Raymond
    • Callie Dickson
    • Charlie Ringer
    • Claire Ashcraft
    • Danny Schwarzer
    • Elyse Knecht
    • Evona Paunganwa
    • Jessie Stephenson
    • Jonathon Bray
    • Jordan Archibald
    • Kara Bassham
    • Karen Lopez
    • Katie Bolderjack
    • Lalito Saldivar
    • Paige Fajardo
    • Shelby Crutcher
    • Macy Hulin
    • Noah Scott
    • Sam Keener
    • Sam Schmidt



    • Andy Wade
    • Kaleigh Benge

Past Mission Team Photos

Belize 2017

Kenya 2016

Mission Stories

Despite the Belizean heat, chills ran down my spine and tears welled as the first chords to Good Good Father broke the silence and those precious souls began making their way through the crowd. There in the little town of Santa Elena they came forward to dedicate their hearts to God—until 30 stood together, arms wrapped around each other. What miracles God had accomplished in and through our students in just one week!

In March, Andy Wade, Highland Academy teacher and Mission Trip Coordinator, organized a project with La Loma Luz Adventist Hospital to complete the first phase of their new mission house so that volunteer doctors and groups can more readily serve. The mission trip team was comprised of 24 students and 6 adults.

“Santa Elena, Belize was my first mission trip when I was a student at Highland Academy,” reflects Wade. “Since then I’ve returned four times. It’s incredible to see how the investments we’ve made over time has made a difference!”

On that trip they built the first classrooms for the Adventist primary school. Today they have more than 1000 students between Eden SDA Primary School and Eden SDA High School. Over the years those building projects created so much more than a space to learn. It opened up the way for students to come to know Christ—and years down the road, for a Week of Spiritual Emphasis to take place!

Our students were excited for the opportunity to lead a series of meetings. It was decided that our messages would center around the Character and Goodness of God. For it is the goodness of God that leads to repentance and true relationship with Him (Romans 2:4). The students diligently prepared and practiced sermons, skits, dynamic illustrations and special musics.

“The genuine smiles and warm receptions of 550 high school students melted my heart,” shares Natalie Hamilton, senior and speaker for Week of Spiritual Emphasis. “Although I worried that the cultural differences would impede the messages, their acceptant responses proved that sharing Christ transcends all boundaries.”

As the students presented day after day the Holy Spirit came alongside their efforts and there on a beautiful Friday morning, in the little town of Santa Elena, we gathered by the river to witness 6 baptisms into the kingdom of God!

There is no greater joy than leading someone to know Christ!
Written by: Kaleigh Benge, Highland Academy Chaplain, Bible Teacher and Co-mission Trip Sponsor

“(coming soon)”

“(coming soon)”




Impressed to Help?

  • Please pray for us as we plan and prepare.
  • If you would like to give a monetary gift…
    • To make your donation tax-deductible, make your check out to Highland Academy Mission Trip with no other notations.
    • Mail to 211 Highland Circle Dr., Portland, TN 37148.
    • Or call 615-325-2036


More Questions?

Andy Wade, Mission Trip Coordinator
Email: awade@highland-academy.com

Kaleigh Benge, Mission Trip Sponsor
Email: kbenge@highland-academy.com