course syllabus
science links
practice quizzes

Tuesday, August 15

briefly discussed the solar eclipse using Stellarium;
discussed common traits of the terrestrial planets;
discussed worksheet on interplanetary distances (due tomorrow);
read:  654-664 (the Jovian planets)

Monday, August 14

discussed the relative sizes and distances between the planets;
spent some time browsing the night sky with Stellarium;
passed out a worksheet on interplanetary distances (due Wednesday);
read:  649-653 (the terrestrial planets)

Friday, August 11

reviewed early astronomers & Earth-Sun-Moon motions;
quiz over the week’s topics;
read:  644-648 (The Solar System)

Thursday, August 10

reviewed early astronomers & Earth-Sun-Moon motions;
watched portions of Harmony of the Worlds, from the Cosmos series, on renaissance astronomy;
quiz tomorrow over the week’s topics

Wednesday, August 9

reviewed early astronomers;
discussed Earth-Sun-Moon motions and related terminology;
quiz Friday over the week’s topics

Tuesday, August 8

discussed early astronomers;
discussed geocentric and heliocentric models of the solar system;
looked at animations illustrating planet motions;
read:  622-629 (Earth, Moon, & Sun)

 Monday, August 7

discussed the nature of the course and its content;
discussed the course syllabus and class expectations;
explored the size of the universe with Scale of the Universe 2;
read:  614-621 (Early Astronomy)