Monday, April 8 -Friday April 10


Monday, April 2 -Friday April 5


Monday, March 25-Friday March 29

Individual projects

Monday, March 18-Friday, March 22

Chose fabric and follow along to create triangle zipper pouch.

Friday, February 15

Practice sewing on machine

Thursday, February 14

Practice sewing on machine

Wednesday, February 13

Practice sewing on machine

Tuesday, February 12

Sewing day : machine sewing

Monday, February 11

Sewing day: work on stitches

Friday, February 8

Sewing day – hidden and blanket stitch

Thursday, February 7

Cook – 30 minute meal

Wednesday, February 6

Sewing day – Thread needle, tie knot at end, sew on button.

Tuesday, February 5

Cook our “30 Minute meals”

Monday, February 4

No class due to sickness and gymnix show.

Friday, January 25

Cook our “3o minute meal”

Thursday, January 24

Baked our “give-away” dishes

Wednesday, January 23


Tuesday, January 22

No class due to field trip to see Julius Cesar Play

Monday, January 21

Select meals to prepare and a list of ingredients

Wednesday, January 16

Continue making menu, grocery list and pricing items.


Tuesday, January 15

Continue making menu, grocery list and pricing items.


Monday, January 14

Complete the grocery list and prices.

Friday, January 11

No Class – Service day at Second Harvest Food Bank

Daily challenge:  None

Thursday, January 10

Revise power point presentations


Write a one week menu for a family of 4.

Tuesday, January 8

Final day to complete presentations, due by end of period today.

Monday, January 7

Work on presentations, due Tuesday.

Friday, January 4

Work on presentation in the computer lab. Due Tuesday.


Thursday, January 3

Assigned topics for cooking power point presentations (nutrition, reducing food waste, common food allergies and safety)  – Due Tuesday,

Wednesday, January 2

Discussed course, handed out syllabus and set up portfolios.