Course Description

Java with BlueJ

Friday, January 24

discussed Wednesday’s quiz over arrays;
looked at some of the student code for the Treasure Hunt program (due today)

Thursday, January 23

4.3-4.5 notes (Click here to watch)

Wednesday, January 22

quiz over arrays;
worked on the Treasure Hunt program (due Friday);
continue working on the Treasure Hunt program

Tuesday, January 21


Monday, January 20

group-coded some more details of the Treasure Hunt program (due Friday);
quiz over arrays on Wednesday:
continue working on the Treasure Hunt program

Friday, January 17


Thursday, January 16

further discussed/demonstrated methods;
began discussing details of writing a Treasure Hunt program

Wednesday, January 15


Tuesday, January 14

began discussing/demonstrating classes and methods, modularization, reuse of code;
read:  pp.169-172 (fields)

Monday, January 13


Friday, January 8

finished group discussion #6 on p. 165 (due Tuesday);
read:  pp.167-168 (classes and methods)

Thursday, January 9


Wednesday, January 8

demonstrated usage of the sort method from the Arrays package;
began group discussion of the next coding task;
start on #6 on p. 165 (due Tuesday)

Tuesday, January 7


Monday, January 6

defined/discussed 2-arrays;
demonstrated usage of a 2-D array with a 2-D random walk simulator;
read:  pp. 157-158; 162-164 (parallel arrays & Array utilities in Java class libraries)

Monday, December 16

reviewed programs written this semester in preparation for semester exam (1:35 Wednesday afternoon)

Friday, December 13


Thursday, December 12

reviewed/contrasted student work on the current program;
explained/demonstrated how a String array is used to accept command-line arguments when a program is called;
those who haven’t–get it done by Monday

Wednesday, December 11


Tuesday, December 10

discussed details of the letter frequency counter program (due Thursday)

Monday, December 9


Friday, December 6

discussed/demonstrated the enhanced for loop;
wrote and discussed a random walk simulation using a 1-dimensional array;
briefly discussed our next program (found in the Teacher folder) involving finding the letter frequency in a text sample;
get started on the letter frequency counter program

Thursday, December 5


Wednesday, December 4

did more demonstration with 1-dimensional arrays;
read: pp. 154-156 (The enhanced for & String parameters to the main method)

Tuesday, December 3


Monday, December 2

discussed the quiz over methods of common classes;
defined/discussed/demonstrated 1-dimensional arrays;
read:  pp. 149-153 (1-D arrays)

Thursday, November 21

3.4 Slope of lines

Wednesday, November 20

quiz over methods of common classes

Tuesday, November 19

3.3 Quiz + 3.4 Slope of lines

Monday, November 18

looked at some student programs;
discussed handout that summarized the methods we’d been using out of chapter 4;
quiz Wednesday over chapter 4

Friday, November 15


Thursday, November 14

examined some student work and suggested fixes;
continue working on #19 on p.140 (due Monday)

Wednesday, November 13

3.1 and 3.2 Quiz + review test 2+Begin 3.3
HW:Complete 3.3 notes

Tuesday, November 12

discussed details of the current program we’re working on;
continue working on #19 on p.140 (due next Monday instead of this Thursday)

Monday, November 11

Complete 3.1 +3.2
HW:150: 9 -43 odd

Friday, November 8

discussed/demonstrated techniques for reading and analyzing Strings with numeric data;
start working on #19 on p.140 (due next Thursday)

Thursday, November 7

Compete chapter 2 Test + 3.1
HW: None

Wednesday, November 6

tested and viewed some of the encryption programs;
briefly looked at methods in the Math class and the Integer class
read:  pp.134-139 (the Math class and the Integer class);
looking ahead:  start thinking about #19 on p.140 (due next Thursday)

Tuesday, November 5

Chapter 2 Test
HW: 146 all

Monday, November 4

further discussed/demonstrated aspects of doing the encryption program;
continue working on a program that will have the following selections on a menu:
1)  encrypt a phrase
2) decrypt a phrase
the program must use a password-seeded random number generator to encrypt the characters (due Wednesday)

Friday, November 1

Chapter 2 Review
HW: 898 1-41 odd

Thursday, October 31

discussed/demonstrated aspects of doing the encryption program;
continue working on a program that will have the following selections on a menu:
1)  encrypt a phrase
2) decrypt a phrase
the program must use a password-seeded random number generator to encrypt the characters (due next Wednesday)

Wednesday, October 30

2.6 Quiz + 2.7 Proofs involving angle pairs (Notes)
HW: 127 #3-27 odd – Quiz Tuesday 11/5

Tuesday, October 29

demonstrated a palindrome-checking program;
discussed/shared how to transform a password into a random number generating seed;
begin working on a program that will have the following selections on a menu:
1)  encrypt a phrase
2) decrypt a phrase
the program must use a password-seeded random number generator to encrypt the characters (due next Wednesday)

Monday, October 28

2.6 Proof involving segments and angles
HW: 2.6 Worksheet – Quiz Wednesday

Friday, October 25

discussed classes and objects, in contrast with primitive types;
looked at methods of the Random class and the Character class;
read:  pp. 120-124 (the Character class)

Thursday, October 24


Wednesday, October 23

discussed dice rolling probability;
demonstrated a 2-dimensional random walk;
p.119 #2 dice rolling simulation (due Friday)

Tuesday, October 22


Monday, October 21

further developed a menu-driven program that does units conversion;
discussed the next program;
p.119 #2 dice rolling simulation (due Friday)

Wednesday – Friday, October 16-18



Tuesday, October 15

2.5 Algebraic Proof Stations
HW: None

Monday, October 14

quiz over the for & do-while loops, the switch statement, and the Random class;
discussed the quiz

Friday, October 11


Thursday, October 10

demonstrated one of the guessing-game programs that had come in;
discussed/demonstrated the switch statement;
discussed #41 on p.113;
quiz Monday over for, do-while, Random, & switch

Wednesday, October 9

2.4 Postulates/identify/ sketch diagram/ interpret 3-D diagrams
HW: Complete notes

Tuesday, October 8

outlined #37 on p. 108;
discussed/demonstrated working with the Random class;
wrote a random walk simulation;
finish #37 on p.108  (due Thursday)

Monday, October 7

2.2 Day 2
HW: 83 # 19-29 odd

Friday, October 4

discussed/demonstrated the do-while loop;
demonstrated random number generation with the Random class;
do #37 on p.108  (due next Thursday)

Thursday, October 3

2.2 Conditional statements
HW:82#3-17 odd

Wednesday, October 2

discussed the Fibonacci number generator;
fine tuned the multiplication table we were working on last time;
read:  pp. 104-107 (the do-while loop)

Tuesday, October 1

Chapter 1 Geometry Test
HW:75 #1-12 ALL

Monday, September 30

demonstrated nested for loops in making a multiplication table;
continue working on p.102 #29 (due Wednesday)

Friday, September 27

1.7 Quiz + Played KABOOM game to review for the test on Tuesday (10/1)
HW: P60#5-39 odd Due on Tuesday

Thursday, September 26

worked examples illustrating the for loop;
do p.102 #29 (due next Wednesday)

Wednesday, September 25

1.7 Quiz + Played KABOOM game to review for test on Tuesday (10/1)
HW: P60#5-39 odd Due on Tuesday

Tuesday, September 24

discussed/demonstrated the greatest of 3 problem;
read:  pp. 89-100 (the for loop)

Monday, September 23

1.7 Definition of Polygons+Convex/Concave+Equilateral/Equiangular/Regular
HW: P 52 5-29 odd

Friday, September 20

discussed/demonstrated how to error trap numeric input;
worked on #18 on p.88 (due Tuesday)

Thursday, September 19

discussed two worksheets from Tuesday + 1.6 notes on Polynomials (Watch the lesson here start at minute 2:15,)

Wednesday, September 18

quiz on while and if;
discussed using && (and), || (or), and ! (not) with relational expressions;
do #18 on p. 88

Tuesday, September 17

1.5 Extension – What can and cannot be assumed from diagrams, and how to mark a diagram with given information
HW: Mark Diagram WS + Assumptions WS – Quiz Thursday

Monday, September 16

discussed/demonstrated single and double alternative decisions;
read:  pp.82-87 (nested if statements);
quiz Wednesday over if and while

Wednesday – Friday, September 11-13


Tuesday, September 10

Complete 1.5
HW 38: 21-45 odd

Monday, September 9

demonstrated nested loops with modifying #5 on p.76 so that the whole program would repeat;
read:  pp. 78-80 (the if statement)

Friday, September 6


Thursday, September 5

demonstrated using a while loop by doing #5 on p. 76;
do # 4 on p.76 (turn it in on Monday)

Wednesday, September 4


Tuesday, September 3

discussed how to submit work and how to keep your project folder where you can access it;
read:  pp. 67-73 (the while loop)

Monday, September 2

1.4 Angle addition, congruent vs equivalent, angle bisector
HW: 28- 3-37 odd

Friday, August 30

finished working on an interactive program that will calculate the volume of a pyramid;
demonstrated the DecimalFormat object;
finish up the pyramid program by Tuesday

Thursday, August 29

1.4 Measure and classify angles
HW: Penguin angle measurement

Wednesday, August 28

began working on an interactive program that will calculate the volume of a pyramid

Tuesday, August 27

Continue working on applying the distance and midpoint formulas in the Mall Project

Monday, August 26

demonstrated how to write an interactive program using the Scanner object for input

Friday, August 23

derived distance and midpoint formulas
HW: Mall Project – first page due Tuesday, entire packet due Thursday at beginning of class.

Thursday, August 22

discussed/demonstrated I/O with the Scanner class and with the JOptionPane class;
read:  pp. 60-66 (I/O)

Wednesday, August 21

Quiz 1.2 – introduction to 1.3
HW: read 1.3

Tuesday, August 20

quiz over primitive types and arithmetic expressions;
briefly discussed/demonstrated Strings;
read:  pp. 48-53 (Strings)

Monday, August 19

Discussed congruency/equivalency, segment addition postulate, graphing and comparing line congruence and equivalence.
HW: Pg. 12 #7-27 odd – 1.2 Quiz Wednesday

Friday, August 16

discussed/demonstrated writing numeric and boolean expressions;
read:  pp. 38-44 (boolean and char types);
quiz on Tuesday over primitive types and operations with them

Thursday, August 15

discussed binary representation of numbers;
discussed storage dimensions for primitive data types;
discussed arithmetic operators;
read:  pp. 31-37 (numeric expressions and operators)

Wednesday, August 14

discussed/demonstrated literals, variables, and types;
read:  pp. 25-30 (primitive numeric types)

Tuesday, August 13

discussed aspects of programming languages in general, and of Java in particular;
wrote a “first Java program” using BlueJ;
read:  pp. 21-24 (literals and variables)

Monday, August 12

explained nature of programming half of course;
acquired the textbook (Java with BlueJ) on personal devices;
read:  pp. 11-18 (orientation)

Friday, August 9

1.2 Congruency vs equivalency;
HW: None

Thursday, August 8

HW: P. 5 Sketch a geometric figure: 15, 23, Read a 3 dimensional diagram: 17-21, Algebra review: 33-37

Wednesday, August 7

HW:p 5 #1-13

Tuesday, August 6

HW: Most Common Geometry Terms Scavenger Hunt – no quiz Wednesday

Monday, August 5

HW: Take the Syllabus + Handbook Survey