Course Description

Java with BlueJ

Monday, September 9

demonstrated nested loops with modifying #5 on p.76 so that the whole program would repeat;
read:  pp. 78-80 (the if statement)

Friday, September 6


Thursday, September 5

demonstrated using a while loop by doing #5 on p. 76;
do # 4 on p.76 (turn it in on Monday)

Wednesday, September 4


Tuesday, September 3

discussed how to submit work and how to keep your project folder where you can access it;
read:  pp. 67-73 (the while loop)

Monday, September 2

1.4 Angle addition, congruent vs equivalent, angle bisector
HW: 28- 3-37 odd

Friday, August 30

finished working on an interactive program that will calculate the volume of a pyramid;
demonstrated the DecimalFormat object;
finish up the pyramid program by Tuesday

Thursday, August 29

1.4 Measure and classify angles
HW: Penguin angle measurement

Wednesday, August 28

began working on an interactive program that will calculate the volume of a pyramid

Tuesday, August 27

Continue working on applying the distance and midpoint formulas in the Mall Project

Monday, August 26

demonstrated how to write an interactive program using the Scanner object for input

Friday, August 23

derived distance and midpoint formulas
HW: Mall Project – first page due Tuesday, entire packet due Thursday at beginning of class.

Thursday, August 22

discussed/demonstrated I/O with the Scanner class and with the JOptionPane class;
read:  pp. 60-66 (I/O)

Wednesday, August 21

Quiz 1.2 – introduction to 1.3
HW: read 1.3

Tuesday, August 20

quiz over primitive types and arithmetic expressions;
briefly discussed/demonstrated Strings;
read:  pp. 48-53 (Strings)

Monday, August 19

Discussed congruency/equivalency, segment addition postulate, graphing and comparing line congruence and equivalence.
HW: Pg. 12 #7-27 odd – 1.2 Quiz Wednesday

Friday, August 16

discussed/demonstrated writing numeric and boolean expressions;
read:  pp. 38-44 (boolean and char types);
quiz on Tuesday over primitive types and operations with them

Thursday, August 15

discussed binary representation of numbers;
discussed storage dimensions for primitive data types;
discussed arithmetic operators;
read:  pp. 31-37 (numeric expressions and operators)

Wednesday, August 14

discussed/demonstrated literals, variables, and types;
read:  pp. 25-30 (primitive numeric types)

Tuesday, August 13

discussed aspects of programming languages in general, and of Java in particular;
wrote a “first Java program” using BlueJ;
read:  pp. 21-24 (literals and variables)

Monday, August 12

explained nature of programming half of course;
acquired the textbook (Java with BlueJ) on personal devices;
read:  pp. 11-18 (orientation)

Friday, August 9

1.2 Congruency vs equivalency;
HW: None

Thursday, August 8

HW: P. 5 Sketch a geometric figure: 15, 23, Read a 3 dimensional diagram: 17-21, Algebra review: 33-37

Wednesday, August 7

HW:p 5 #1-13

Tuesday, August 6

HW: Most Common Geometry Terms Scavenger Hunt – no quiz Wednesday

Monday, August 5

HW: Take the Syllabus + Handbook Survey